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MKMMA Week 21: Actions & Reactions; Energy Always Responds to Other Energy

Did you know that plants can be affected by the music in their environment? Several studies have shown that plants respond to the vibration of the music they listen to. The controlled factors in the study were of course two identical plants, in two areas of great sunlight, fed with the same amount of water and nutrients, the same two pots, soil, and everything. The only difference was the music playing near each plant. One plant got to listen to classical music, while the other got to listen to heavy metal (Nothing against heavy metal fans :p) over the span of some days… the plant that got to listen to classical Orchestra thrived green, large, and healthy. While the plant that listened to the heavy metal ended up withering away and dying. So what does this crazy idea suggest? It suggests that living things including OURSELVES respond to different vibrations. Some of which- help us thrive, and some of which stunt our growth. Some enhance our cognitive abilities and some can hinder them.

A similar study was conducted… even on the shape of the crystallized water- and how they respond to different vibrational frequencies. Their very shape can change just based off of how a person speaks to their water. Water freezes in various structures which can look quite perfectly crafted by nature and math. Here’s a good example:

Water will also freeze in less perfect structures depending on the vibration it freezes in. Here an example:

Might sound crazy… doesn’t matter. Do your own research on this, and tell me what you think! Here’s a couple of cool links to check out:


MKMMA Week 18: Let That Light Shine!

What Mark had to say about success and happiness hit me pretty hard, because I know that what he said was completely true, and I hadn’t realized it up until that point. This whole time that I have been searching for happiness, my first thought is that I’ll be happy WHEN I… ONCE I… IF I… I’ll be happy if I do this, or I’ll be happy when I get this, I’ll be happy once I go there… all just a bunch of bullshit that comes staggering to your mind when it tries so desperately hard to find the thing it can cling to, and attach to for blame. My mind always automatically went straight to these ideas, that once I did something or once I got something or somewhere, then I could be happy. That the happiness comes from the success, and now I’ve realized the truth.

I must first be happy, and to be happy, I MUST be grateful for what I have otherwise I wouldn’t be happy. So APPRECIATE all you’ve got now, be grateful for your family. Be grateful for your life. Be grateful for your house, your dinners, your clean water, your partners and friends, your planet! Appreciate everything.

To be happy, you also must let your light SHINE. I can’t explain exactly how this is done, I’m still trying to figure that out… but one thing I know, is that at some point, you get exhausted of NOT letting your light shine. You know that feeling you get when your just sick and plain tired of not getting to be authentic? Like how you might feel tired of constantly wondering what people are thinking about you? Constantly worrying about how society might identify you? I keep getting this feeling, like this feeling of just wanting to let go so very badly, like I want to just shed out of this shell and become who ever I truly am… this is the calling of your inner light, whoever the most magnificent version of yourself is, is knocking on the door, trying to come out! The picture below should demonstrate the sensation… imagine this powerful energy bursting from your stomach, heart, and mind.

Have you ever felt this sensation? Like those moments where you actually know deep down inside, what your truly capable of, and you actuallybelieve it maybe just for a moment, you believemaybe you actually are that smart, maybe you are that talented, and maybe you CAN be that smart, great, and talented. We are conditioned to believe we don’t even have a chance. NO. I REFUSE! I know there is a greatness waiting deep down inside of me, just waiting for the day I’ll that amazing girl will take over. I can sense it, I know it is true. Unfold and let this magnificent light inside of you SHINE so BRIGHT, there’s no reason to hold back. Let it happen. Release it. You deserve it. Why not? Unleash your magnificence. You are the harshest judge on yourself… you are the one suggesting the nastiest things about your self, you can not buy into this poisonous voice in your head. The voice is only made of fear, no logic. You have the logic. You have the truth. You are the logic. You are the truth. LET THAT LIGHT SHINE!!!

MKMMA Week 17: Self Love

I believe that intense feelings upon realizations suggests that the realization is accurate, correct, or just resonates really well with you. When I realized that loving yourself was the first step to success… I felt that intense intuitive feeling that just screams “this is truth!”

There is something you sort of really need, before you can get anything accomplished and before you can ever be and do what you want to be and do. An initial requirement to attain the correct behavior and mindset for success, this initial requirement is self love. It in any kind of an egotistical way, but an unconditional kind of way. Just love yourself, care for yourself, take care of yourself, respect yourself, and be your best version. Do this because there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Just like you love your friends and family, you should be loving yourself the same way. Don’t they love you the same way? So why shouldn’t you?

Love yourself unconditionally, accept yourself! Everything about you! Your hair. Your smile. Your eyes. Your lips. Your body. Your style. Accept it all. And if you want change, there is always room to reinvent yourself! You must first learn how to truly love yourself, before anything else. It’s your number one priority! A lack of self love is a major blockage in your path to success. This issue has been one to hold me back from things, so very many times in life. What’s behind a lack of self love? Fear. Fear is the driving force behind failure anxiety and hatred. Fear has the ability to control, but you have the ability to control fear…. and it starts with affirming everyday, that you love yourself unconditionally. Once this is done, all other locked up secrets of success will begin to unravel and feed their way into your life, and into your hands. Confidence will come, and with confidence comes power, with power comes the success. Everything can fall right into place, upon loving your self unconditionally.

One who loves themselves unconditionally, is one who is unstoppable. Be a go getter!

MKMMA Week 16 [Kindness]

I am always surrounded in kindness. Little small acts of kindness are all around all of us constantly, and we are the ones who get to choose whether if we first of all even notice or recognize these acts, and second, whether if we choose to engage in them. The definition of kindness is “a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

Engaging in using these qualities with in us, is one of our ultimate sources of lasting authentic happiness. Have you ever noticed that? That overwhelming feeling of bliss that rains over you soaking up every square inch of your physical body and penetrating every square inch of your mind with absolute and utter love? Yes, now that right there, is what kindness does to you. It’s the effect that it can have, powerful, and moving.

For every emotion that we feel, there are coordinating parts of our body, that are connected to these emotions. Happiness is strongly connected to a buzzing feeling in our head. Sadness, and despair would be that tight knot in our throat, and that empty pit in our stomach. And what kindness does to us, is light up our entire bodies with a very delightful buzzing of bliss and love, powerful like a drug, except it’s not a drug altering your system, it’s just a quality of personality that you are using and recognizing! Straight up, you’re naturally getting high! A recognition of humanity, gets to those who empathize. It effects us strongly, it moves us. I want you to take a close look at the effects that happiness and love have on our bodies on the chart below. Love and happiness coincides with kindness.

I still remember the first time I ever learned this lesson. I learned it all on my own, when I was 5. My mother was driving to her bank, with me and my older brother in the car (he would have been 7 years old at this time) and when she got there, the lady behind the window handed my mother two lollipops for us kids. Which was kind. My brother immediately scarfed his down, while I was still barely opening my wrapper. I remember licking it a couple of times and then promptly deciding to give the rest of it to my brother. When I offered it to him, he lit up with excitement and said “thank you Bryony!” I could just tell that this act made him so happy, and I for the first time, discovered the powerful following bliss preceding kindness. My 5 year old self was sitting in the back of the car on a kindness high. I just remember feeling so good physically inside, I felt so much joy even though I had sacrificed my lollipop. I hadn’t given him the lollipop because I didn’t want the lollipop, I have it to him because I wanted to give him the lollipop. And doing this small thing, had such a tremendous effect on my life.

My 18 year old self currently, still knows the same lesson and discovery to be 100 percent true! Seriously, that was the first time I had ever felt those feelings after giving to someone else. I didn’t even know what was happening to me, but I knew it was right. Can you think of the first time you ever discovered the effect of kindness?

It really is our nature to seek out companionship. I have seen so much kindness lately, especially while focusing so much on it in MKMMA!!! So let me share some of the kind things I have witnessed and been a part of.

My partner Benjamin has been dropping me off at school early in the morning everyday. People often take this sort of kindness for granted, the sort of kindness that you may be used to. Let’s recognize these acts of kindness we take for granted! We have a certain way of handling our food system, it goes something like this: he buys it, and I make it come to life. In a way, he’s feeding me, and in a way I’m feeding him. He does the part that I currently can’t do, and I do the part that I am skilled in. Usually we go half and half on groceries but I am in the process of getting a new job. These are kind things that we do for each other. He also gave out a bag of chips that was sitting in his car to a homeless man as we passed by him. The homeless man was very grateful for that. My friend Sam gave me a ride home from school recently, and he also took me to Chipotle, because we were both really hungry and he payed for my meal. It was odd because I never eat out or eat really any non organic food, but all I could do was soak up the kindness, generosity, and sweetness of his actions. He’s sweet like his big brother Benjamin… my boyfriend, and Sam is his little brother. I just felt like I was drowning (in a good way) in kindness. I almost did not know how to accept it or process it. Right now as I am typing this very sentence Benjamin came home from work with a snack and my favorite coconut water! He is so nice πŸ™‚ And recently for my birthday my friends Jullie, Lexi and I went to go get tattoos together, and Lexi payed for mine! I thought that was so very kind. My mother has made a few delicious hot meals recently, and in return I have cleaned her kitchen very thoroughly. A boy at my school named Ruben, held the door open for me, which was a positive change from my usual experiences with that. My teacher made a playlist incorporating all of my favorite music and played it this morning, and I know that he did that on purpose. I complimented a mans jacket at the store last night, and he must have blushed a little. I also complimented a gals hair while I was passing her on the trail walking my dogs. She was happy to hear that. Honestly this list goes on and on! I’ve seen so much.

See kind. Be kind.

Master Keys Week 15

I just had college orientation for a class I am taking once a week (Music Engineering!!!) and I am super excited. I am a concurrent enrollment student which means that I am a high school student taking forever a college course and my tuition is payed for! I honestly never thought I would be the type to take advantage over that kind of opportunity. The subject of college would have repelled me immediately. It was such a stressful idea, and still is. But now, I’m thinking differently of it. I am generally really excited and I can not wait to learn how to make and produce music like I have been dying to for long now! It’s so unreal for me to try to process right now, but I know it’s real. I’m going to be bringing the noise inside of me to life now!

It feels like my DMP is beginning to manifest (:

I have been building a portfolio for my photography, I have been finishing creations I started long ago for my first album, I am going to start learning how to make music in literally a few days, and I am rapidly getting myself into the cooking game. All of these things were things I had written in my DMP, and read so many times over and over again. I can literally feel the shift happening. This is really exciting!

Master keys Week 14

I am not sure what happened but all of my blogs appear to have been deleted. I can’t find any of my previous ones anywhere. I’m really upset that all of my previous written accounts of this course are lost. I really don’t know how or where to get them back.

Other than that, I’ve just been enjoying the holidays and family time. I received a cook book for Christmas from my uncle Anthony. It is titled: “Thug Kitchen” and is very comical actually. It’s a cookbook that excludes all meat and dairy ingredients, but it doesn’t say anything about being a vegan cookbook although it is.

I love it with all my heart. I’ve been using one or two recipients a day from it, to up my dramatically food game. This is because I was struggling to come up with ideas for good vegan food, and I wanted badly to eat good, healthy quality meals on a daily basis, rather than always popping something pre made into the oven. Ever since I was s child, I wanted to be a good cook. I am already increasing my cooking skills by a lot, with the help of my new cookbook. Is got a bunch of creative vegan food ideas. I had no clue where to begin at first, but the book allows me to take it one step at a time which is super helpful. Had I received this book a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have actually used it. But through a whole new learned discipline (JUST DO IT NOW!) I can actually commit to going to the store for the ingredients, and doing all of the work! I have been making all of my food from complete scratch now, which is completely new to me! It has been so much more fun and mediative then I ever would have thought it would be. I love cooking/preparing all of my own food, and seeing each ingredient that goes into my food. It also causes me to eat significantly better, and get all of my vegetable needs in on a daily basis (which I previously was not great at) and I don’t even have to stress it, all I have to do is follow the recipe step by step and I will be getting in that good food! It’s a health conscious cookbook so it considers your daily needs. I love it! So the conclusion here is that now through this course, my desire to create my own food and not just buy pre cooked processed food to heat up, is now being met with enthusiasm and motivation. Finally I have a “just do it” attitude about cooking food. And yes, it is time consuming, and money consuming, but to me, there isn’t anything more important to invest in. Our life, is in the refection of our health. We must have health to have wealth! I am so happy that I am finally doing this! It’s been a long time of considering and considering then procrastinating. DO IT NOW. That message has affected me noticeably.

I am having a much easier time then before in my life, being responsible and getting my things handled instead of procrastinating. I am 18 and I know I need to move into the grown up chapter of life soon, which is a large part of why I decided in a split second of a moment to start going deeper into the food game. I want to eat real food and meals. I didn’t desire to continue eating childish processed pre cooked meals like soy tenders, daiya pizza, boca burgers. Seriously, I was getting sick of it. I am so excited to plunge into the vast world of vegan options. And trust me, there are A LOT more than you’d imagine.

M A K E. Y O U R. O W N. F O O D! We are human, we should be capable of it after all.

D O. I T. N O W!

Happy holidays!!!

Week 12. Finals, and Stress

I am approaching the very end of this semester in high school, and lord have I been cranking work out.

I’ve been catching up on everything in school, and working hours non stop everyday just to get finished on time. I have not quite been able to put my focus on multiple things the last couple weeks, because I’ve been coming home from school and doing nothing but homework till nearly 12 a.m every night! It’s been super stressful. Literally the only thing that has been able to help me through finals week, is the little phrase I heard from a recent past MKMMA webcast, which was: how are you going to eat the elephant? One bite at a time. Even for my vegan self πŸ˜‰

One bite at a time I have been chiseling away at all of my assignments, and slowly but surly, they did go down, and all the way to just one remaining assignment. My final assignment is to create my own philosophy, and do a paper on it for Philosophy in class. I was afraid I’d never finish all of my work on time, but with lots of dedication and effort, I got it done one assignment at a time. I have shed a lot of stress, now that I took all of my finals today, and passed all of them! (Their all online and have immediate grading results). I feel so relived to have passed all of the tests, and passed all of my classes. I’m super glad I can focus on this course in greater detail again, I’ve been missing the heavens out of it.

I’m excited to be back, and finally updating my blog! I also can not wait for Christmas, I love any excuse to celebrate life, and feel jolly. I live in CO so of course I have a beautiful white winter wonder land to go along perfectly with my holiday spirits!

So my final message here, is that such a tiny little phrase or saying, such as the elephant one, can have a very powerful impact and ability to help you get through something very trying and stressful.

Hello to everyone, and happy holidays ☺️