MKMMA Week 17: Self Love

I believe that intense feelings upon realizations suggests that the realization is accurate, correct, or just resonates really well with you. When I realized that loving yourself was the first step to success… I felt that intense intuitive feeling that just screams “this is truth!”

There is something you sort of really need, before you can get anything accomplished and before you can ever be and do what you want to be and do. An initial requirement to attain the correct behavior and mindset for success, this initial requirement is self love. It in any kind of an egotistical way, but an unconditional kind of way. Just love yourself, care for yourself, take care of yourself, respect yourself, and be your best version. Do this because there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Just like you love your friends and family, you should be loving yourself the same way. Don’t they love you the same way? So why shouldn’t you?

Love yourself unconditionally, accept yourself! Everything about you! Your hair. Your smile. Your eyes. Your lips. Your body. Your style. Accept it all. And if you want change, there is always room to reinvent yourself! You must first learn how to truly love yourself, before anything else. It’s your number one priority! A lack of self love is a major blockage in your path to success. This issue has been one to hold me back from things, so very many times in life. What’s behind a lack of self love? Fear. Fear is the driving force behind failure anxiety and hatred. Fear has the ability to control, but you have the ability to control fear…. and it starts with affirming everyday, that you love yourself unconditionally. Once this is done, all other locked up secrets of success will begin to unravel and feed their way into your life, and into your hands. Confidence will come, and with confidence comes power, with power comes the success. Everything can fall right into place, upon loving your self unconditionally.

One who loves themselves unconditionally, is one who is unstoppable. Be a go getter!


Author: masterkeysblogbryony

I am just another human trying to find my way in this huge confusing world. I want to find happiness that comes solely from myself and the things I love. I am a deep intricate person, that's why my name is Complexity. (My stage name). I am a songwriter/singer and a very passionate and caring person. I have a deep appreciation for photography, which I only learned about myself once I took a photography course my junior year. I aspire to travel the world with my camera and take amazing shots!!

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